Perfect Tool to increase blog Traffic

Pinterest:Perfect Tool to increase blog Traffic

Pinterest is an Online social photo sharing website that allow you create and manage theme-based image collections.There’s no question that Pinterest is the hottest social network right now.from you friends,family or celebrity, everyone usually pinning their interest.

It’s also a great tool to increasing blog traffic,every time when you Pin it your interest it automatically shared to your followers and whenever anyone Repin your image ,it appears to his or her own board,the user who first pinned the image will also get credit.

The Facebook “like” button or tweet your image to Twitter giving your image more popularity around the web same as, the great thing about Pinterest is when anyone repins your image,Repins maintain the source-link of the image no matter how many times it’s repinned so it help you to attract more reader towards your blog.

While on pining your interest,don’t forget to add keyword into description box ,it help you in SEO.

Linking to your blog or website

Adding a “Pin It” button to your blog posts is a great idea to increase popularity of your content and it help you in increasing massive traffic towards your blog.

You can directly grab the code for Pinterest pin it button (as well as for Pinterest Follow button) from Pinterest Goodies.Pin it button is similar both Facebook’s and Twitter’s buttons that increase you social awareness.

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