Free Video Editing Software

Free Video Editing Software

Whenever you want to edit your videos you need a Video editing software but many video editing software are not free because it provide highly advanced features but if you only want to edit some basic features like adding scrolling texts, subtitles or custom animations – you will find such features even inside free video editing program.So today I will discuss about Free Video editing software.

Windows Movie Maker 2.6
It is the best free video editing software,very ease to use and it contain all basic editing tools.Windows movie maker 2.6 contains a good collection of transitions and video effects.You may also edit the Text title or credit in the movie.The “Auto-Movie feature” on Windows Movie Make is a real time-saver if you want to throw a project together quickly. It will add various transitions and effects to your media instead of you doing that individually.Windows Movie Maker 2.6 runs on both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

PhotoStage Slideshow Producer
PhotoStage Slideshow producer is also a Free Video editing Tool,you may create your own Slideshow from your digital photos and videos on Windows and apply effects such as fade, cross fade, and zoom.You may also Add a soundtrack, narrative or text captions in your Movie.The Save step gave you wide options for saving slideshow, including saving it as a Flash file, DVD movie, or a data disc.

Wax is also a Decent choice for editing your movie clips,Wax is flexible video composition and special effects software.Wax is good for both home users and professionals.By using Wax you can create 2D & 3D special effects and you may also used Wax as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to other video editors.

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free online video editor
Best Free Online Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor
The world most Popular free Video sharing sites has its own tool for approving your video.YouTube video editor very ease to use,Trim your clip,rotate your clips and you may insert transition to your movie clips.By using Text Effects you can add Text into your movie clips.The Stabilizing clip is one of the Great feature in YouTube video editor,you can stabilize your shaky movie clips that makes your videos worth watching.

Video toolbox is also a Great tool to edit you videos. A free way to edit your movies without installing.With just few clicks you can convert, edit, cut, record or crop video files.Video toolbox is capable of processing video files up to 600 MB. You can take snapshots and creates thumbnails off your video clip and you may also Converts your files between all the popular video formats.

Pixorial is a free video sharing service,here you can edit you movie clips and after editing you can share your video on Facebook,YouTube ,Twitter or create a DVD.You can easily add music,transition or add title to your movie clips.You can also Split your videos or combine several videos and create a montage.

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