Searching for an Easy Weight Loss Diet?

Searching for an Easy Weight Loss Diet?

Easy Weight Loss Diet | Cutting Calories Correctly | Manipulating Carbs
Cutting Calories Correctly

In order to cut calories properly we have to do two things. The very first factor we need to do isn’t cut them back too far too fast. Doing that’s called starvation and this does not result in healthy weight and fat loss.

In fact, cutting calories too quickly will only stop all fat and weight loss. So, we cut them back around 300 to 500 per day and see how we feel. For many this may be sufficient, for others we might need to go a little further.

Now for probably the most important step, we need to cycle the number of calories we’re consuming every day. So, an example would look like this:

  • Monday – 2000k
  • Tuesday – 1500k
  • Wednesday – 1700k
  • Thursday – 2000k
  • Friday – 1600k
  • Saturday – 1900k
  • Sunday – 1500k

Why do we do this? Well, this is truly an excellent secret to cutting calories and rapid fat loss. We’re in effect fooling our bodies into going into fat burning mode without it thinking we’re going into starvation mode.

Starvation mode leads to fat storage. Cutting calories in the correct way leads to fat loss. It is that easy.

Now, you will find some other advanced methods too, and we have to know what we’re doing for this to work, but this is a begin.

Manipulating Carbohydrates

The next thing we require for our simple weight loss diet is to manipulate our carb intake from day to day, even from hour to hour. This does a similar factor to zig zagging our calories.

Have you ever wondered how fitness models got so thin so quick?

These are the techniques they’re utilizing. Now we may not want to get that thin (and some of them are utilizing drugs) but you can tell that this is very efficient.

If we eat carbs at ever meal, day following day, we’re going to put on weight. Not only that, but even by cutting calories we’re not going to have success with fat loss. Nope. We have to control our insulin levels.

We do this by taking the best of the Atkins Diet and throw out the worst. In other word we use the principles in his diet, but we do not follow them every day. We have a low carb day, followed by a greater carb day.

This sort of hormonal manipulation burns fat very rapidly, but again we have to know exactly what we’re performing.

Easy Weight Loss Diet | Hormones


Once we comprehend the principles of utilizing real food and our own hormones to burn fat effortlessly, we don’t even require exercise. Even though I do suggest it for everybody for the wellness advantages.

And if we mess up and cheat for a day or two, that actually helps the fat loss procedure along. It’s like having our cake and consuming it too. It’s truly the very best of both worlds.

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