Ground beef recipes healthy are one way solution to give you delicacy and healthy food. By definition actually you will see it is all about beef and meat. The ground beef itself has another name, minced meat or beef. The beef or meat is minced, ground, or chopped with a big knife or you can also use meat grinder. This ground beef is often seen in hamburgers or spaghetti Bolognese.


The Content

For each country, there are food laws that restrict specific contents of the ground beef. For example in USA, the maximum fat is 30% by the weight. In France the maximum fat is from 5 up to 20%. Different in Germany, the regular allowed fat is 15%.

The ground beef usually is made from less popular and less tender than slices of the beef. The left trimming from the tender cuts can be used also to make the ground beef.

As the texture is very soft, ground beef is often used by people because it is quick – cooking and relatively cheap. It is also easy to find because some products use it such as sausages, cottage pies, meatballs and hamburgers.

And some culinary menus around the world will use it for their main ingredients such as tacos, sloppy joes, Midwestern Cuisines, and meatloaf. And even, it can be used for sauce in Italian cuisines such as for the spaghetti Bolognese and lasagna. In the Middle East Asia, it can be used to make spicy kofta or hot meatballs.

Go to the Europe, in Scotland, the ground beef is used for the dish mince and tatties completed with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. In Oldham, Lancashire, it is used to make rag pudding filling. And for the Dutch, it will be slavink or a menu which consists of the minced meat rolled in the bacon.

If you know steak tartare, it also uses the lean and raw ground beef as famous French menu. It is cut into dices and given special seasonings. It is the famous main course for the dressing also in Belgium which is known popularly as Fillet Americain or American Fillet.

There are a lot of cuisines that use ground beef as their ingredients either it is as only sauce or even as the main course. The big reason to do so is because the texture of the minced meat that is very soft, edible, and crunchy also.

How To Make Ground beef recipes healthy?

In simple way, you just need the minced meat as the result after you grind them. You can make them look like noodle, ball or ham. The point is that you have that minced meat already.

Then to make the basic taste of it, when you boil it, add little salt in it. Wait until it is well – cooked. After finish, you can proceed to other steps depend on your recipes.

Meanwhile you are cooking it, the big information is that avoid using any additional seasoning that may create illnesses such as too much MSG or other color things.

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