Get Gorgeous Hair With These Tips For Healthy Hair

Tips for healthy hair are beneficial whether for those who have long, short, or medium-length hair. Having healthy hair is not just a need but also a fashion. Each person has opportunity to own healthy hair but it often hinders by various kinds of hair problems such as dried, dull, branched, and damaged due to regular dyes and use of chemicals in the hair. Although you have experienced those problems, it does not mean that you cannot get your healthy hair back. With little bit efforts, you can have healthy hair like before you get those problems.

Get Gorgeous Hair with These Tips for Healthy HairGet Gorgeous Hair with These Tips for Healthy Hair

Change washing and styling habits

Many people perhaps think that washing the hair every day is good for the hair. However, the fact tells differently since too much wash can dry the hair out as well as make oily. For better washing habits just try to thrice a week. The break day between the washing days will help the hair to return its balance. As the time pass by, if you perform this, the hair will look healthier. You had better to use cold water instead of hot water to wash hair as it will contributes to shiny and bouncy hair. Avoid too much use of heat styling devices like hair dryers, curling iron, and straightener. Giving heat to the hair regularly can damage it so just use the hair styling devices when you want to go to special occasion. If you just stay at home, let the hair dried itself rather than use hair dryer to help dried it out. If you want to dry the hair using hair dryer, make sure to put it on cool setting. Applying serum on the hair before using those devices also serves as good tips for healthy hair.

Perform Healthy Lifestyle

Change into healthy lifestyle can be an effective way to make your hair look gorgeous and strong. You can start the change by consuming foods containing nutrients which can help to nourish the hairs. A diet which offer balance nutrients containing high protein, vitamin B, iron and omega 3s will make the hair does not only make the hair look healthier but also thicker. Get vitamin B from various fruits, veggies and nuts in order to make the hair strong and thick. To make it looks shiny, you need to take omega 3s which can be get from salmon and avocados. As sources of protein and irons, chicken fish and leafy green veggies can be great choices. Besides consuming important nutrients for hair, you need to protect the hair as well to prevent it from severe damage and brittle hair structure. For example, you can wear heat or scarf to avoid direct sunlight exposing the hair. It should be done especially when the sun shines strongly. Don’t do outdoor activities in winter with wet hair because it can result on brittle hair. Hair should be protected from chemicals as well. Using swim cap to avoid chlorine while swimming happens to be one of tips for healthy hair.

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